Welcome to Serenity!

Welcome to Serenity. This blog is created to point out some aspects of technology that fascinate me. Which include but not limited:

  • Unix web programming, TCP/IP protocol illustrator
  • Multi-layer hierarchy
  • Assembly language

This blog will also share my experience of some awesome open source tools that may be integrated into project for specific requirement. Such as Kafka and elastic-search. By the way, all kinds of serendipity will be included in my record list.

Mr. / Mrs. anonymousness, welcome to serenity. XD

About Me

My name is Weiqi Wang. I am a Master of computer science and recently jobbed in a blockchain company as software engineering in the silicon valley. As of writing, I am working from my home in China due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Working for a Startup company can always comes with numbers of opportunities to build up self technical stack. To fulfill needs of projects, I have worked as full stack engineering, OPS and UX all for a while.

I am think about to write the blog since I just recognize that I have to systematically rebuild my technical tree . To pick up all stuff that I have left in my college drawer, to attempt new frame or to dig deeply about a single technical branch. Getting to know how exactly things work and conclude with my own word. Nothing is better fitting than blog can do.

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